Vaishali pai

Vaishali Pai is an Occupational Therapist (OT) by profession and a Gold medallist in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, with three decades, experience working with big names like Spastics Society of India, Mallya Hospital, Vydehi Institute of Rehabilitation and Align Centre.

Vaishali has worked in child and adult rehabilitation in varied situations and facilities throughout her career. As a certified Early Interventionist, she is adept at handling infants and newborns, even as young as 1 week old. Her areas of specialties are Paediatric Rehabilitation and Sports Rehabilitation which require different techniques ranging from OT techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Pranic Healing to name a few. Being a certified NLP practitioner has helped her to master methodologies that are adjutant for remedial teaching, for children who have learning issues, as well as children who may be on the Autism spectrum, hyperactive or have attention deficit issues. Soon, she plans to use the not-so-known technique of EMG Biofeedback – that can help children and adults with physical dysfunction due to brain damage.


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